Racing in the San Francisco Bay and Offshore

The San Francisco Bay is known throughout the world as a mecca for sailboat racing. Year round sailing,  challenging and exhilarating wind and water conditions and a venue of unparalleled beauty makes racing in the San Francisco Bay phenomenal. If you are a multihull owner who wants to start racing, BAMA is here to help you get started.

BAMA's Premiere Annual Event: The Double Handed Farallones Race

The Double Handed Farallones Race is BAMA's signature annual mixed-fleet race event. Click here for a full webpage describing the race's history, information about the course, and recent race results.

The course has racers starting in the early morning off Baker Beach, rounding the Farallones in either direction, and then finishing off the Golden Gate Yacht Club race deck. Covering a total distance of 54nm, the conditions for the DHF can be challenging, testing a double handed crews stamina and seamanship. The race requires that participating boats meet the NCORC's offshore safety requirements, and requires that participating sailors study offshore safety topic and practice person overboard recovery prior to the race.


The BAMA CUP Perpetual Trophy

The BAMA Cup is BAMA's perpetual trophy awarded for the best yearly performance across a lengthy, diverse list of regattas. The scoring typically takes the best 7 of 10 races, covering courses both long and short, inshore and offshore. The complete list of races in the BAMA Cup for 2022, plus the scoring scheme can be found here

The BAMA Racetrack Perpetual Trophy

The BAMA Racetrack is BAMA's race any time, self-timed course on the central bay. Racers may race this course any time, and as many times as they want. Send your times and your GPS tracks to to be automatically entered into this annual race. The full race description and instructions are here.


BOATSKIPPERCurrent PositionTotal BAMA Cup Points3 Bridge Finish3 Bridge PointsCorinthian FinishCorinthian PointsRTR FinishRTR PointsGVR FinishGVR PointsDelta Ditch FinishDelta Ditch PointsDHF FinishDHF PointsWestpoint FinishWestpoint Points
BOTTLE ROCKETDavid Schumann129.6DNF1.017.615.
GREYHOUNDEvan McDonald215.0DNF1.0DNF1.
BIRD OF PREYGlen Murray313.018.0DNF1.034.0
LOOKIN GOOD 3Rafi Yahalom313.0DNF1.0DNF1.033.023.0DNF1.042.052.0
H.M.B. B&G CLUBAlan O'Driscoll57.627.6
PAPILLONAndrew Scott67.0DNF1.0DNF1.015.0
MAMA TRIEDKatie Love75.025.0
WHOOPEEGlenn Howell75.025.0
ENTOURAGEBenjamin Carver94.024.0
WATERWINGSTodd Olson94.0DNF1.0DNF1.042.0
CALIENTETruls Myklebust113.043.0
WINGITAmy & Dave113.043.0
OCEALUS 3Fred Bouju132.0DNF1.0DNF1.0
KOKE HONURick Elkins132.0DNF1.0DNF1.0
ROUND MIDNIGHTRick Waltonsmith132.0DNF1.0DNF1.0
ROCKET 88 RACINGBrendan Busch161.0DNF1.0
STINGRAYCharles Jeremias161.0DNF1.0
RINI BIKINIDaniel Glasner161.0DNF1.0
MA'S ROVERMark Eastham161.0DNF1.0
SEA BIRDRichard Holden161.0DNF1.0
TRIPLE PLAYRichard Keller161.0DNF1.0
RAVENTruls Myklebust161.0DNF1.0
ADRENALINEWilliam Erkelens161.0DNF1.0

How to Start Racing your Multihull

  • Get your RATING from BAMA (see below)
  • Learn the basics of the Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Crew on another Multihull in a race
  • Sign up for a beer-can race at a local yacht club and become comfortable with the starting line
  • Sign up for a larger Regatta and race with more competitive fleets (See our Calendar)

Getting your Multihull Rating from BAMA

2022 BAMA PHRF Ratings

Sail NumberNameSkipperModelPHRFTCFCert Link
44AdrenalineErkelens, WilliamD class catamaran modified-1021.147BAMA Cert
USA 1Beowulf V/ HMB Boys & Girls ClubO'Driscoll, Alan-691.066BAMA Cert
28557Bird of PreyMurray, GlenCorsair F-27540.8BAMA Cert
61433Bottle RocketSchumann, DavidSeacart 30 gp+-511.02BAMA Cert
28910CalonectrisHalmos, NicholasAntrim 30+ Trimaran90.886BAMA Cert
28543ChubascoChartrand, BrentTBDTBD
1215EMMARoberts, BillDragonfly 1200840.758BAMA Cert
48EntourageCarver, BenCorsair F-27420.823BAMA Cert
226GreyhoundMcDonald, EvanFarrier F-22750.769BAMA Cert
151Hat TrickStyne, PhilipTBDTBD
888HumdingerOlsen, LawrenceW. Green 35' Trimaran510.807BAMA Cert
359Koke HonuElkins, RickCorsair F-24 Mkll750.77BAMA Cert
30KokomoSmith, TerryCorsair F-31450.837BAMA Cert
28Lookin Good 3Yahalom, RafiCorsair F-28R420.873BAMA Cert
7MA'S ROVEREastham, MarkCorsair F-31R90.876BAMA Cert
277PapillonScott, AndrewCorsair F-27420.823BAMA Cert
247Peregrine FalconLaRhette, MarcCorsair F-27450.807BAMA Cert
USA21PhoenixMeredith, PhillipDragonfly 25 Sport150.867BAMA Cert
396Rini BikiniGlasner, DanielHobie 20-270.964BAMA Cert
1Round MidnightWaltonsmith, RickWhite Explorer 44-390.948BAMA Cert
27061Sea BirdHolden, RichardCorsair F-27450.807BAMA Cert
noneShadowHelms, GaryTBDTBD
1Shadow XStoneberg, PeterExtreme 40-1261.225BAMA Cert
70StingrayJeremias, CharlesCorsair F-24 Mk193TBDBAMA Cert
3Tri3 (aka Funtastic)Blumhorst, JudithCorsair F-24 Mk1900.757BAMA Cert
367Triple PlayRKeller, RichardCorsair F-31240.857BAMA Cert
173WATERWINGSOlsen, ToddCorsair F-31 RS-150.923BAMA Cert
noneWhoopieHowell, GlennCorsair 760720.79BAMA Cert