Racing in the San Francisco Bay and Offshore

The San Francisco Bay is known throughout the world as a mecca for sailboat racing. Year round sailing,  challenging and exhilarating wind and water conditions and a venue of unparalleled beauty makes racing in the San Francisco Bay phenomenal. If you are a multihull owner who wants to start racing, BAMA is here to help you get started.


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BoatDate SailedStarting MarkStarting TimeFinish TimeElapsed TimeBoat PHRFCorrected Time
Greyhound1/24/2021R412:14:58 PM1:35:04 PM1:20:06901:21:21
Looking Good 32/14/2021R41:22:00 PM3:22:08 PM2:00:08422:11:54

BAMA Sponsored Multihull Series for BAMA Members


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BOATSKIPPERCurrent PositionTotal BAMA Cup PointsTotal Races Bonus Points*3 Bridge Finish3 Bridge PointsOYC Sunday Brunch 4 FinishOYC Sunday Brunch 4 PointsOYC Sunday Brunch 5 FinishOYC Sunday Brunch 5 PointsSSS Corinthian FinishSSS Corinthian Points
MAMA TRIEDTrevor118.21.018.6018.6
CAT SASSJeremy97.00.057.00
BIRD OF PREYGlen126.00.066.00
LOOKIN GOOD 3Rafi217.03.0DNF2.0023.0023.0066
SEA BIRDRichard H.
ERROL THE SWAMP DRAGONGeorge153.00.093.00
KOKE HONURick135.01.0DNF2.00DNF2
SHADOW EXTREMEPeter78.20.028.2

How to Start Racing your Multihull

  • Get your RATING from BAMA (see below)
  • Learn the basics of the Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Crew on another Multihull in a race
  • Sign up for a beer-can race at a local yacht club and become comfortable with the starting line
  • Sign up for a larger Regatta and race with more competitive fleets (See our Calendar)

Getting your Multihull Rating from BAMA

2021 BAMA PHRF Ratings

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NameSail NumberSkipperModelTCFPHRFCert Link
WINGS27062Cook, WilliamCorsair f 24 mki0.75187
WILD THINGUndeclaredMarcoe, StephenMalcomb tennantTBDTBD
ENTOURAGE48Carver, BenjaminCorsair f-27TBDTBD
BOTTLE ROCKETDN-04Schumann, DavidSeacart 30 gp+TBDTBD
PAPILLON277Scott, AndrewF 270.82442Download
WATERWINGS173Olsen, ToddCorsair F 31 rs0.928-15Download
SRIRACHASR-19Davis, ThomSearail 190.81945Download
ADRENALINE44Erkelens, WilliamD class catamaran modified1.147-102Download
OCEALYS 3USA2Bouju, FredDiam 24 od0.949-15Download
MOJO6Harvey, ChristopherFarrier f-25c0.914-6Download
FUNTASTIC3Blumhorst, JudyCorsair f24 mark 10.75790Download
LOOKIN GOOD 328Yahalom, RafiF 28r0.83742Download
WINGIT74Amy WellsF 270.82142Download
SEA BIRD27061Holden, RichardF 270.80745Download
KOKOMO30Smith, TerryCorsair f 310.83745Download
RAVEN69768Myklebust, TrulsF 270.78566Download
KOKE HONU359Elkins, RickCorsair F 24 ll0.77075Download
HAMMERHK08Hunt, JonathanMarstrom 30 trimaran1.030-63Download
WHOOPEEnoneHowell, GlennCorsair dash 7600.79072Download
EMMA1215Roberts, BillDragonfly 12000.75884Download
HUMDINGER888Lawrence OlsenW. Green 35' Trimaran0.80751Download
CAT SASS87945Boyette, JeremyViva 271.010-45Download
ROUND MIDNIGHT1Waltonsmith, RichardExplorer 44 trimaran0.968-33Download
ERROL THE SWAMP DRAGON824Mckay dvm, GeorgeHobie miracle 200.964-27Download
MAMA TRIEDUSA-7644Baylis, TrevorMelvin 280.941-24Download
TRIPLE PLAY367Keller, RichardF 310.84136Download
GREYHOUND226Mcdonald, EvanFarrier F 220.74690Download
RAINBOWKA-1Shaw, CliffordCrowther 10m custom0.556258Download