Delta Ditch and BAMA Cup

Soarin blew up their spinnaker but still held off Greyhound and UC to win what turned out to be an eventful Delta Ditch this year. As if trying to outdo each other, Waterwings grounded a couple times, Papillon capsized, and Caliente had a MOB and an auto pilot mishap during recovery. Thankfully all crew and skippers are well after all the drama.

The Ditch was a BAMA Cup race, and the updated standings can be found here.  Pegasus is still leading, with Caliente close behind.

The next BAMA Cup series race, taking place in July, is the do-it-yourself anytime BAMA racetrack. Check your currents, pick a few days and get out there to race the course as fast as you can. Racetrack attempts in the month of July will count towards the BAMA Cup.  Corrected finish times from anyone who races in the July window will be corrected and ranked,  and points will be awarded per our BAMA Cup point scheme.  You can submit your best time from multiple racetrack attempts undertaken in July, so plan on doing a few to be competitive.