2024 BAMA Cup and Three Bridge Fiasco January 27th (corrected dates in BAMA Cup Schedule)

BAMA Racers,

It was pointed out to your BAMA poster that he had two incorrect dates in his last post. My apologies. Please see the table below for the correct racing dates for 2024's BAMA Cup. The BAMA Calendar dates are also corrected where necessary.

The first race in the 2024 BAMA Cup series is the Three Bridge Fiasco, and it's happening January 27th. Registration is open! As a reminder, the BAMA Cup Series for 2024 includes the following races:

Race # Race Date
1 Three Bridge Fiasco 1/27/24
2 Corinthian Regatta 2/24/24
3 Round the Rocks Race 3/16/24
4 Double Handed Farallones 4/13/24
5 South Bay Bridge Series #1 5/18/24
6 Delta Ditch 6/8/24
8 South Bay Bridge Series #4 8/10/24
9 Big Windward Leeward 9/7/24
10 Great Pumpkin Pursuit 10/27/24

You can easily add the BAMA Cup races to your calendar by subscribing to our BAMA Calendar. See the bottom of the calendar webpage.

Hope to see you at the TBF.

Evan McDonald, Race Chair