2023 BAMA Cup and BAMA Racetrack Posted

The BAMA Cup Series Races, plus the BAMA Racetrack Rules are now updated for 2023. Go to the BAMA website's Racing & Ratings page to see the new races in the BAMA Cup Series for 2023 and the BAMA Racetrack Course and Rules.

The BAMA Cup Series races for 2023 include: Three Bridge Fiasco; Corinthian Regatta; Round the Rocks; Interclub #1; The Great Vallejo Race; Delta Ditch; Double Handed Farallones Race; Drake's Bay Regatta; Big Windward Leeward; and the Great Pumpkin.

The 10 races in the BAMA Cup series can also be viewed from our Calendar by selecting "BAMA Cup in the by Event Category Filter bar on the left side of the full calendar.

BAMA hopes to see many of your out for racing in 2023.