SSS Single Handed Farallones


The ultimate singlehanded challenge here locally in the Bay Area, the SSS Singlehanded Farallones Race tests skipper and boat offshore out and around Southeast Farallon Island and back to the bay.  Conditions can vary widely from gentle to quite rough.  Total race distance: 58 NM.

SSS Half Moon Bay SH/DH


A mostly downwind one-way race from the bay to Half Moon Bay, this race involves beating out through the Golden Gate, often has a beam reach or a broad reach down along coast past Land's End, and finishes by spinnaker down in Half Moon Bay, going around the famous Maverick's big wave surf break.  The…

BAMA Farallones Cruise


Free and Open to all BAMA Members. If you have wanted to sail around the Farallones in your trimaran in a non-competitieve group cruise format, this is your chance. October is typically a nice time of year, with moderate winds, to make the rounding. Join other BAMA members for a memorable cruise out that often…